Melbourne freeze and Sydney drenching

Melbourne freeze and Sydney drenching

Residents across the southeast of Australia should brace for a collection of frosty mornings at the chilliest states so far this season. Still, Sydney is responsible for heavy showers over the coming days, which could be supercharged by a trough of cold air moving through the upper atmosphere.

Melbourne is forecast to get to a high of 5 degrees on Friday afternoon, which would make it the coldest May in five decades as well as the coldest morning in the Victorian capital since October.

In Sydney, the Bureau of Meteorology hints rain on Thursday and Friday with possible showers on Saturday, but it may be wetter than the official forecasts.

Perth is a little bit warmer than usual with no more than 26 degrees forecast for Thursday, but temperatures should fall slightly to get a dry week.

Additionally, it is the dry season in Darwin, where a sizeable frontal system brought some relief from the humidity.