Which Drink best pairs with Cuban Cigars?

Cuban Cigar Australia

Are you a whisky and rum lover? Perhaps you love a good old Cuban cigar? Here we explain the best whisky and rum to enjoy with a Cuban Cigar.

Bourbon is described as the universal donor to a cigar. If you are enjoying a nice bourbon on the rocks and don’t know what kind of Cigar you should be pairing it with, then a Cuban Cigar is your answer. The typical flavor of the whiskey such as caramel, nuts, maple syrup, honey, charred wood, and fruit flavors which are bound to complement the flavors of the cigar. Bourbon brings sweetness to the dark toast of the cigars, yet the milder cigar can happily stand up to the strongest bourbon due to the leafy barrel notes. Tennessee whiskey tends to do better paired with a lighter Cigar as most have been charcoal filtered to bring out the smoothness. Just like the spices in straight ryes, which can collide with the peppers in the tobacco but go well with nutty, toasted cigars.

The Canadian whisky
Due to Canadian whisky being smooth, it goes well with a mild cigar that won’t take over the delicate charms. Something like a Cohiba Cigar is ideally great to have with a smooth Canadian Whiskey. It seems that this pairing together is about breaking the rules. The cigars that contain leather tones tend to have their characteristics pulled out by the vanillin in the Canadian whisky. The Canadian spice whisky that contains a large rye content will help to promote the nutty tones in the Cuban cigars as well as Cohiba.

Irish whisky
Irish whiskey is a smooth blended whiskey. It pairs with the extra mild to medium cigars. If the Cuban cigar has a fruity tone with it, then it’s a bonus. Irish whiskey goes very well with coffee, so you can always consider having a smoke with a Java tone that many full-bodied Cuban cigars have.

It may have well been good fortune that has bonded Cuban cigars and brandy together. The natural chemistry between them is what has helped them to stand up to time. The fruity and floral brandy has nuance and subtly demands a milder Cuban cigar. 

There is an obvious connection between Cuban cigars and rum and whether in the Dominican Republic or Cuba, the sugar cane and the cigar go together like Peanut Butter and Jam. This is why the creators become well-dedicated devotees of both products. Rum is more of a sweet drink and pairs well with the Cuban cigar. Although you need to leave the white rum for mojitos. Plenty of barrel and cane notes go very well with the pairing of Cuban’s and Rum.

Cigar and whiskey pair great because of their different flavors and blends. Cigars and whiskey are described as earthy, medium-bodied, spicy, smoky, and full-bodied. Each of these can go well hand in hand with each other one to allow for a full flavor experience.

Everyone’s taste is going to differ which is why it will take some trial and error before you find your best Cuban cigar and whiskey or rum combo. Matching strength profiles is the best place to start when it comes to whiskey, rum, and cigars. This simply means you want to be combining the full-bodied Cuban cigars with the heavy rum and whiskey. Try a few and see what works for you.