Protect Your Timber This Summer

Protect Your Timber This Summer

Nowadays, many people like a timber décor and interior design, so things such as timber decks, wooden floors, wooden doors, and wooden ceilings are widely used and popular currently. Solid timber flooring on your deck, gives people a natural, soft, and comforting look, and has become the easiest way to give your home a fantastic new style. However, in the summer months, it can be prone to problems such as easy wear, deformation, and cracking. During these warmer months in particular, we need to be careful. In the hot summer, with high temperature and rain, wooden building materials are easily dampened or deformed. How can we protect our homes from being affected?

Ensure surfaces are regularly cleaned

In the high temperature of summer, we all know that the timber floor of the deck needs to be protected. The best way to cool down in summer is to wipe with water, but wood products are relatively fragile materials, and too much moisture can cause rot. Therefore, when we clean, we should use a soft cloth and wring it out as much as possible, until it’s not dripping, before scrubbing. A good quality Deck Cleaner will also go a long way to preserve your timber decking.

Try To Build a Temporary Shade to Avoid Overexposure to Sunlight
Wood floors can deform or crack due to temperature and humidity, especially in summer when the sun is out for prolonged periods of time and the temperature rises considerably. Wooden floors should avoid long-term exposure to the sun.

Timber Floor Cleaner

Keep Cleaning
In summer, the air temperature is rising, and people are also prone to sweating. At home, sweat will more or less drip onto the floor. This can leave streaks on your flooring if not properly maintained. It could also cause a slipping hazard which could not only be a risk to you and your families health, but also to the timber floor as if someone slips and falls hard, then it could cause damage to the Timber.

Check and Repair
Extensive checks should be conducted on the whole surface area of your Timber throughout summer as you will need to assess its condition and see if it needs repairs. Carrying out the necessary repairs as quickly as possible will prevent potentially more expensive repairs in time. Filling in holes or cracks can prevent the boards from cracking in the summer months, while using some deck cleaning products will help to ensure damage is minimized prior to any repairs being needed.

Coating With The Protection Element
Once your timber floor is cleaned and repaired, you can consider how to best keep it free from damage in constant rain and humidity. Applying waterproof sealant, in the summer months, will help protect its shine and polish. This is especially important if your wooden floor is not covered or only partially covered.

Preventing Mould build-up
Mould is easy to accumulate in the summer months mostly due to the humidity in the air and rain that can be frequent depending on the climate you’re in. Mould can cause serious damage to your timber deck floors. Therefore, arrange some thorough cleaning in the summer. This effect can be easily achieved with a harder brush and a high-pressure cleaner, as well as regular sweeping to remove moisture and remove any dirt build-up on the ground.

Timber decking’s are hot at the moment, they have risen in popularity in recent times however heat itself is the biggest problem posed to these types of decking due to their fragile materials which can be prone to rot, damage and mould. Ensure you properly look after your Deck this summer to prevent this from occurring..